Minnepolis and Los Angeles Lakers Logos

Minnepolis Lakers and Los Angeles Lakers Logos:

Minneapolis Lakers:

This was the logo during the Minneapolis years, from 1948 to 1960. Minnesota was in the center of a basketball with the name of the team surronding it. It included 3 stars and MPLS had a dot at the end.

Minneapolis Lakers Logo, 1948 to 1960
Minneapolis Lakers Logo (1948-1960)

Los Angeles Lakers:

When the Lakers moved to Los Angeles in 1960, they started using this logo. It was the oficial logo until 1991. It was the name of the team in purple in front of a golden basketball.

Los Angeles Lakers Logo (1960-1991)

In 1991 the logo was modernized to what is still the official logo. Basically it looks like the previous version, except for the the basketball that was changed.

Los Angeles Lakers logo (1991-present)


In 2002 the Lakers added an alternative logo. It is a big "L" in front of a yellow basketball.

Los Angeles Lakers Alternative Logo (2002-present)

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