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Los Angeles Lakers Universe, fan site full of updated Los Angeles Lakers information. It features sections for the Lakers regular season and playoffs, the Lakers players, a store full of lakers merchandise (jerseys, shoes, posters...), many picture galleries, and much more. Great site!


Kobe Bryant Shoes, here you have all the information you need about the new Nike Kobe Bryant shoes. It includes an online shopping option and pictures of the old Adidas Kobe Two Shoes.


NBA Los Angeles Lakers Championship Gear, a store where you can buy online Los Angeles Lakers jerseys, shorts, and other merchandise.


Los Angeles Lakers Posters and Photos one gallery with a lot of posters and photos.


Other excellent links:

Michael Jordan's World: obviously site features information about Michael Jordan, his stats, records, shoes, etc. Lakers Fans will find very interesting the comparison between Jordan and other basketball superstars, including Lakers Magic Johnson and Wilt Chamberlain.

Buying A site where you can find any kind of basketball jerseys and other sports jerseys, including soccer and football. Lakers players like Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and Magic Johnson have their jerseys here.

A World of, as they say: "all you need to know about soccer". At this point you already understand we like sports and we like history, so this link will take you to a site full of soccer information, including national soccer teams, Soccer World Cups, top teams around the world, soccer greatest players and much more...

Authentic this is a site similar to Authentic Soccer, commented above but full of information about professional tennis, its ranking, top players, tournaments and other information about this sport.

Authentic from the "authentic sports" series but basketball related.

TheOnline Reviews: review of sites, including sports and Lakers sites. Top Los Angeles Lakers Sites, a list of top Los Angeles Lakers links.


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